Fate/Grand Order Servant Summer Festival Rerun Revives the Con Scene

FGO Servant Summer festival

As the pandemic begins to abate in parts of the world, some countries are pivoting back to holding events and conventions in person. The fictional Fate/Grand Order organization Chaldea is no exception, since it’s hosting a do-over of its FGO Servant Summer Festival event. As with the event’s first run in 2020, the Hawaiian islands are mashed up into “Luluhawa,” a magically-empowered place to hold none other than a comic convention.

Check out the official trailer for the event below to see a preview of the FGO Servant Summer Festival.

Players will spend their time on Luluhawa preparing “Doujinshi,” indie manga creations sold at conventions like the real-life Comiket. Playing quests with certain Servants and Craft Essences – the ones most involved in the FGO Servant Summer Festival – will award bonuses for the event-specific points and currencies. Being a rerun, this year’s incarnation of the event is tuned to have a lighter grind, allowing new players and those who left the event unfinished last year to claim their rewards.

Most prominent among those awards is a free 4-Star Servant: Jeanne d’Arc (Berserker Alter). The Dragon Witch of the Orleans Singularity has returned, and traded her battle armor for a two-piece swimsuit, three katanas, and the obsessive desire to make the ultimate doujinshi for the FGO Servant Summer Festival. Players will also be able to unlock summer loungewear cosmetic skins for the Servants Edmond Dantes, Gilgamesh (Caster), and Robin Hood. Lastly, a free Mystic Code costume for the player character will also be distributed to event participants.

Masters with a lot of Saint Quartz to spare will also get a second chance to roll on the premium summoning banners for the event, with several limited-rarity Servants in prominence. The regular un-Altered Jeanne d’Arc has taken up dolphin training and gained an Archer class designation for the trouble, while the mastermind of the event, BB, is also available in swimsuit form for lucky players.

The FGO Servant Summer Festival rerun event will run from July 12, 2021 to July 28, 2021. The game is immediately available on iOS and Android.

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