Fate/Grand Order USA Gets Append Skills, Servant Coins Early

Fate Grand Order USA

The English-language edition of Fate/Grand Order (aka FGO USA) was released almost two years after the launch of the original Japanese edition in 2015. Aniplex opted to mostly maintain the same content pacing as the original game at the time. Thus, story developments and new events arrived on a two-year delay compared to Japan. That hasn’t held true, though, for technical enhancements and new systems. A case in point is the latest addition: Servant Coins and Append Skills.

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According to an announcement delivered by Director Yoshiki Kanou in a Developer’s Diary video, Fate/Grand Order USA will receive the Servant Coin and Append Skill systems on May 23, 2022.

Check out the video below.

The arrival of Servant Coins and Append Skills in FGO USA comes almost a year earlier than those systems were added to the game in Japan. Had the updates to FGO USA followed the original pacing as Japan, they’d have arrived around mid-2023.

As for what the systems actually do, they’re ways to further strengthen high-level Servants. In FGO, each Servant has a maximum level that is determined by their rarity. 1-star Servants have a maximum level of 60, while 5-Star Servants go up to level 90. This cap can be raised further through “Palingenesis,” a process involving “feeding” a Holy Grail item and resources to a selected Servant. This practice, also called “Grailing,” raises the maximum level cap, maxing out at level 100. This allows high-rarity Servants to become even more powerful, while low-rarity characters can be leveled to be viable in more challenging content.

Servant Coins are a new currency earned by rolling duplicate copies of a Servant in the summoning, gaining Bond levels by using the Servant in combat, and awarded in events. Players can use Servant Coins and resources to further increase the level cap beyond 100, to a new maximum of level 120.

Servant Coins can also be used to unlock “Append Skills.” Append Skills are passive effects that activate when the Servant enters battle. Each Servant has three, which are unlocked separately through Servant Coin payment and leveled up by paying QP and other resources. Append Skill effects vary, but include benefits like starting a battle with a certain amount of Noble Phantasm gauge charged, increasing a Servant’s damage against a certain class, or boosting specific attributes. In essence, Append Skills allow a player to invest even further into their strongest Servants.

Other updates to FGO USA were detailed in the video, such as updating more Servants’ Noble Phantasm animations to use the whole screen and a “Push! Servant” function allowing players to highlight a favorite Servant to friends and followers. Given the costs of Servant Coins and Append Skill unlocks, Lasengle is also doubling the limit for QP storage to 2 Billion QP, up from 999 million.

Fate/Grand Order USA is available on Android and iOS. The latest update is scheduled for May 23, 2022. The next Lostbelt chapter, 6.5, will launch in the Japanese edition in June 2022.

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