Fate/Grand Order Will Take Players Back to Las Vegas

fate/grand order vegas

The English version of Fate/Grand Order will re-run the Las Vegas Championship Match – Seven Duels of Swordbeauties event from May 23 to June 12, 2022. Those who did obtain the Saber version of Katsushika Hokusai when this event first launched will have a second chance this year. For those who did, you will get Rare Prisms every time you receive a new copy.

The basic premise of the Fate/Grand Order Las Vegas event is that Hokusai wants to challenge various Swordbeauties in Las Vegas. Her goal is to be the strongest of them all. Unfortunately, this version of Hokusai is younger than her usual self. This means that she does not quite have the skill or experience to back up her boasts. For those who played the story last year, each farming quest still offers plenty of prizes such as QP and ascension materials. This may provide an incentive for some to play through it again.

While the swimsuit versions of female Servants are available for a limited time in the gacha as separate units, the males’ swimsuits are Spiritron Dresses you can unlock. You can obtain outfits for Siegfried, Merlin, and Kotarou during this event. As well, while the event is going on, you can pull for the swimsuit versions of Osakabehime, Musashi, Carmilla, Okita, Meltlilith, and Artoria.

Fate/Grand Order is available on mobile devices. The Las Vegas event will re-run on the English server only. It will last from May 23 to June 12, 2022.

Stephanie Liu
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