Fate/Grand Order Winter Caravan 2021 Shiga and Fukushima Venues Canceled

Fate/Grand Order Winter Caravan 2021 Canceled

FGO Project has canceled the Fate/Grand Order Winter Caravan 2021 events in Shiga and Fukushima. The event was originally planned to take place on January 17, 2021 in Shiga and February 6, 2021 in Fukishima. Instead, FGO Project has decided to move forward with the event without a live audience present. Details regarding the event in Kagoshima, which is scheduled for late February, will be announced through the official Fate/Grand Order Winter Caravan 2021 website. [Thanks, Dengeki]

That being said, the events will still take place. As mentioned prior, the only change is that a live audience will not be present at the event itself. The official statement from the Fate/Grand Order Winter Caravan 2021 website mentions that there will be an alternative distribution to the program, despite the venues being canceled. The statement also mentions that the reason for cancelation is due to situations surrounding COVID-19.

In early December 2020, registration for the event opened. While registration was entirely for free, selection for tickets was held through a lottery system. Before the venue cancelation, FGO Project had already decided to limited the capacity of attendees at the event. The event itself would feature various special guests, such as voice actors from the popular app game, at the different venues.

Fate/ Grand Order is immediately available on Android and iOS devices.

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