Fate/Grand Order Wireless Charger Shields Phones From Empty Batteries

Fate Grand Order Shield Charger

If you’ve got a busy day ahead defending mankind from world-ending threats, it won’t do to run out of charge. Hence the advent of this novelty Fate/Grand Order Wireless Charger, released to promote the Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia anime series (Thanks, Comic Natalie).

Called the “Shield Charger,” the Fate/Grand Order Wireless Charger replicates the appearance of the Noble Phantasm wielded by FGO heroine Mash Kyrielight. This Noble Phantasm, called “Lord Camelot,” is a cruciform greatshield through which Mash channels the power of  the Heroic Spirit Galahad, son of Lancelot and a knight of the Round Table. In the Fate/Grand Order narrative, Galahad was forcibly bound to Mash in an experiment conducted by Chaldea.

The Shield Charger replicates the Lord Camelot shield fairly closely, though some modifications were made to facilitate its true use as a device charger. For example, the actual shield uses parts of the Round Table itself in its construction, and thus has a convex front end. The Shield Charger’s front, however, is flattened to allow a device to be laid on top. LED lights surround the center of the shield (which is emblazoned with the same fairy script as other Fate-style Arthurian artifacts like Excalibur and Avalon), and when charging, the lights animate to approximate the summoning animation from the Fate/Grand Order game.

Check out a preview of the Shield Charger:

The Fate/Grand Order Wireless Charger is available for pre-order JPY 7,700 from online retailer Abema Shopping, which has a special Fate/Grand Order Babylonia product site. The site is taking pre-orders until September 29, 2020, with an expected delivery date of mid-November 2020. According to the site, though, fans who order the charger bundled with other items on offer (such as wall hangings of Ishtar and Ereshkigal or a wide poster of the scrolling Gilgamesh/Enkidu saga) will have to endure a longer wait, with an expected delivery window of January 2021.

Fate/Grand Order the game is available now on iOS and Android. Check out some of the new content announced for the Japanese edition’s 5th Anniversary, or keep grinding away at the ongoing Global Servant Summer Festival event.

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