Fate/Grand Order’s Latest English Version Trailer Shows Off New Chapter “Epic of Remnant”



Fate/Grand Order’s English version is getting its new chapter “Epic of Remnant” that comes in the form of four episodes, and Aniplex shared a peek with a new trailer to go with it.


A journey beyond the horizon at the expense of all human history.

The grand plot devised by the one who claimed to be the King of Mages…

The Regression Canal/Light Year Genesis ended in failure.

Thanks to your efforts,

the case of the Incineration of Humanity has been closed.

You overcame all your trials, and safeguarded your ordinary lives.

Without a doubt, humanity will carry on into the future.


you have overlooked one crucial detail.

These are some little riddles to prepare you for your next big case.

A few fragments,

or rather signs for the great battle

that’s yet to come


Episode I – Shinjuku Phantom Incident

Time to carry out the perfect crime.

Phantom Spirits, dance madly on these immortal streets.


Episode II – Women of Agartha

A legendary city overwhelmed, a cruel utopia.

Women alone dominate this land.


Episode III – Seven Duels of Swordmasters

Together, the cruel, demonic seven laugh:

“Behold, the blood moon shall devour the sun.”


Episode IV – Heretical Salem

You are the sinners, the seven knots of seven ropes.

To seek salvation in this land of heretics is

to do the devil’s own work.


Fate/Grand Order is available on iOS and Android. Epic of Remnant is coming soon.

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