The Fate Of A Medieval Land Rests In Your Royal Hands In Yes, My Grace


Brave At Night has announced Yes, My Grace, which puts you in the position of a medieval king making text-based decisions from the comfort of your noble throne that change the layout, politics, and culture of the land.


As easy as being a king may seem (“you don’t look for quests, quests come to you”), the idea of Yes, My Grace is to have you toil over the many decisions you make.


You’ll speak to the commoners to deal with their problems, plan marriages to expand your borders, send your armies off to aid allies, host royal feasts, and declare wars against other nations. You can also explore the land by sending your army off around the map, collecting resources to build new structures and feed your people.


The game is delivered through snappy lines of text and a swift interface that ensures you’re spending most of your time contemplating your strategic conquest rather than reading or wasting time with other activities.


The story will, of course, change depending on your actions, and it won’t be easy to predict the outcome of the decisions you make. There’s no sense of good and evil, just consequences that come directly back to you, ranging from the humorous to the brutal. If you’re too greedy you may even find that your life is ended early, perhaps by an assassin, or an invading army.


No platforms or release date has been outlined for Yes, My Grace yet. The team behind it has recently started working on it full time, though. You can find more information on the game and further updates on its website.

Chris Priestman