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Fate/Extella’s Men Are Looking Dapper In Their Costume Trailer



We previously got to check out images Fate/Extella’s “Extella Men’s Costumes,” and Marvelous has followed up with a trailer for our dapper guys, along with a look at the last wave of DLC costumes.


The costumes shown are Nameless’ “Slash & Connect,” Gawain’s “Britain Waiter,” Cu Chulainn’s “Young Lancer,” Li Shuwen’s “Mr. Ruffian Li,”  Karna’s “Flower Coordinator,” Lu Bu’s “Dark War God Super Frame,” Gilgamesh’s “Immoral Rider Jacket,” Iskandar’s “Formal King,” and Archimedes’ “Temporary Everyday Life.”


The Extella Men’s Costumes release today in Japan for 400 yean each or 2,880 yen for the set of nine.


Here’s a look at the fifth and final wave of DLC costumes with the “stay night Costumes”:


Artoria Pendragon – “stay night Model”





Nameless – “stay night Model”




Gilgamesh – “stay night Model”




These costumes are a little cheaper than the others at 300 yen each, or you can get the set of all three for 720 yen.







Fate/Extella is available in Japan for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game arrives in North America in early 2017 and in Europe in January 2017.

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