Fate/Grand Order Is A Story About Retrieving The Future



Type-Moon originally had plans for Fate/Apocrypha, an online game project which never launched, but ended up becoming a light novel series. However, the company recently revealed that the project has been rebooted, as Fate/Grand Order for smartphone.


Here’s a look at the first trailer:


The Age of the Gods have ended, followed by the start of the Common era, mankind has become the most prosperous species of the land.


We’ll establish the future of the planet, as the ones who’ll engraved the epitaph of the planet.


To ensure longevity, certainty, and the prosperity—a chart of mankind.


In the world of Magi, it is known as the “path of mankind” [Humanity].


Joan of Arc is narrating in the trailer, as she gives an inspirational speech to the brave warriors, as a way to rally them up, much like the actual Joan of Arc did several centuries ago.


She ends with the following quote: “Let the fight begin, Master. The largest Holy Grail War in history… starts now.”


Fate/Grand Order, the story of retrieving the future.”


Fate/Grand Order is in development for iOS and Android. While we still don’t know how much of the story is connected to the light novel series, more details will be revealed in the near future.

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