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Fate/Grand Order VR Details Upcoming Demo, Might Feature Edward Teach Next



Type-Moon revealed earlier this year that they’re working on a new PlayStation VR-exclusive title, called Fate/Grand Order VR feat. Mashu Kyrielight, and director Yosuke Shiokawa had some more to share about their jump into VR gaming in an interview with Famitsu magazine this week. [Thanks, Hachima.]


Here are some notes from the interview with Shiokawa-san:

  • Kinoko Nasu (series creator) already had the PSVR and said “I’ve wanted to do this” about Fate/Grand Order VR.


  • When it was announced that the “project has begun” they actually wanted to say “this is the kind of project we’re starting.”


  • For now we have feat. Mashu Kyrielight, but rather than just have a “feat ____” next, we really wanted something that will “allow you to meet Mashu” first.



  • However, there may be a development for “feat. Edward Teach” with enough demand. This hasn’t been decided yet.


  • Fate/Grand Order VR is in development with Sony Interactive Entertainment. Whenever they need any help, Sony is always there for immediate consultation.


  • The early demo that will be available at AnimeJapan 2017 will be somewhat of a major lottery draw. Since this is just an early demo, we plan on having another demonstration event next.



  • This early demo will have content that got general ideas from “Personal Training.”




  • The familiar My Room feature will be in the VR. Since the entire room will be shown in VR,  you’ll also get to see some more of the room that you don’t see in Fate/Grand Order.


  • During your play you’ll see a command card. We want you to choose very carefully how you use the command card.


  • Unfortunately, you won’t be able to watch the gameplay demo from outside at AnimeJapan 2017. Since it’ll be like playing in your own private room, so those who do get to check it out shouldn’t have to worry about people watching them.


  • We’re preparing the largest booth ever for Fate/Grand Order’s AnimeJapan 2017. There will be things other than VR, such as goods to check out at the booth.


  • There isn’t any feedback about VR to smartphone version of Fate/Grand Order yet, but I believe the knowhow and such that comes from Mashu’s charm will live on in Fate/Grand Order.


Fate/Grand Order VR feat. Mashu Kyrielight is in development for PlayStation VR.

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