Fate/Grand Order’s Servant Growth System Detailed



We previously got a look at how battles work in Fate/Grand Order, where you’ll get a group of Servants to fight for you using a card-based battle system. The official website shows us how you’ll raise and power up these Servants.



Servans dwell inside cards called “Saint Graphs”. The Servans that become your allies will be indicated as Saint Graphs and there are different ways to have them grow.


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One of the ways of powering them up is by fusing them together.


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If you have different Servants being served, the main Servant will get the experience points used to level up for an increase in ATK and HP.


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You can evolve Servants by getting an item called “Pieces” that you’ll find throughout the game. This evolves them into much powerful forms.


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The required Pieces vary for each Servant, but once you have the right one, they evolve and their level cap increases. They have four evolution stages total, and will have different illustrations and in-battle looks to go with each stage.


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You can also increase the level of skills for the Servants. This is done by giving them certain items, and each class has their own specific items needed to level up skills. You’ll be able to get these from daily quests that offer different items to level up skills.



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Leveling up the skill makes them stronger, resulting in a much more powerful Servant with better abilities.



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Again, fusing two of the same Servants together levels up their Noble Phantasm level, which increases their hidden powers, making them into stronger allies.


Fate/Grand Order launches in Japan on July 2015 for Android and iPhone.

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