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Fate/Stay Night Costumes Coming To Phantasy Star Online 2


Phantasy Star Online 2, or more appropriately Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode 2 is getting a Chapter 3 update on the 25th of September in Japan. This update will include several more in the following months to bring Chapter 3 up to speed. But in the interim, the first Chapter 3 update brings the following:


  • A new Extreme Quest titled “Extreme Training: The Sea Ruins of the Ocean King”


  • 11 new weapons at the Pyroxene/Demon Stones shop to trade for.


  • A new team bulletin board to post announcements and news


  • Alongside a new “Desert Base” team base extension


  • Finally, new scratch cards for the Autumn Sports Festival that can net you autumn sports wear gear




Following the September update, October’s update will see something players have hoped for for awhile now—skill level caps raised, alongside other changes listed below:


  • Character class skill levels will be upped to 65


  • New quest difficulty “Super Hard” for the Floating Continent’s Forest area


  • Several new 10 Star Weapon Drops


  • New rare enemy Tagamikazuchi


  • New “Urgent” quests – “To break the brave leader’s boundary”


  • Even more new additions such as Franca changes and time bomb releases.


Also in October, there will be a collaboration with Puella Magi Madoka Magica (not the upcoming Vita game) which adds Madoka and Akemi’s costumes to the game, as well as a Kyuubey mascot.


Come November, Fate/Stay Night and the impossibly cute Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya (Featuring Ilya as a magical girl) will cross over to the game, too, with Saber, Archer, Gilgamesh, Tohsaka Rin and Ilya’s magical girl costumes and weapons.


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