Father Nier to Appear in NieR Reincarnation as Costume

Nier Reincarnation Father Nier

Father Nier will appear in NieR Reincarnation, however he will only be available as a costume for an already existing character. That means he is not a unique character, like Brother Nier (or The World-Ender) that is available to obtain through the limited time event banner. Instead, players can obtain Father Nier in NieR Reincarnation through the event shop for the price of 400 collaboration medals.

Argo is the character that will receive the Father Nier costume. This version of Argo is a 4 star rarity character that players can receive entirely for free. Additionally, players will receive a Grimoire Weiss companion by logging in successively during the event period. Grimoire Weiss will appear as a dark element companion.

As the Nier Replicant collaboration event is still underway, players can still obtain Brother Nier, Kaine, and Emil from a limited time banner summons. Each of the characters that players can get through the summons has a unique costume. However, the characters as they appear in NieR Replicant are available for free through the event shop. Their weapons can also be obtained and ascended with materials players can obtain through the event shop.

NieR Reincarnation is immediately available for Android and iOS devices. The NieR Replicant collaboration event will end on October 8, 2021.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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