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A Father & Son Channel Contra In Best Buds Vs Bad Guys



A developer and his ten-year-old son have created a game where two pals decide to tackle evil with lighthearted, Contra-like action in Best Buds Vs Bad Guys, which will be available in Q2 this year.

11 stages, taking place in graveyards, floating castles, candy worlds, and factories in hell await players of Best Buds Vs Bad Guys. Over one hundred equally-strange enemies want to stop the player in each of these worlds, but an equippable arsenal of rockets, machine guns, shrink rays, ice cream blasters, and laser beams will let the two pals win out the day.

The game features a second character following the main character in its videos and screenshots, but the developer has not stated whether this character is playable or what use they have in-game. Best Buds Vs Bad Guys will initially release on Steam, with plans to port the game to PS Vita, Xbox One, and Wii U in the future.

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