A Faulty Apprentice Can Fall For One Of His Instructors In This Fantasy Dating Sim



Players begin Faulty Apprentice as a clumsy, untrained man. Through their decisions on who to train under, they’ll eventually be able to face the dangerous force that is coming to the land, as well as develop a more romantic relationship with his teachers.


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Faulty Apprentice offers four instructors for the apprentice to take lessons from, training him in bows, swordplay, and more. The player will have to go through the lessons through several minigames, then learn the quirks of each instructor through conversation if they wish to romance them.


This training will increase some of the apprentice’s attributes, and these are key to completing jobs. Jobs are necessary to finish as they grant the player an increase to their courage stat, which is needed to spend time with the instructors outside of training time. Which instructor they choose to spend time with will unlock new castle areas to explore, different characters and quests, and also take the character down that romantic path.


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The player’s decision on what routes to take will lead to more than just love, as the player will eventually either save or doom the land, depending on what they chose to do.


Faulty Apprentice has already passed through Steam Greenlight, but lists no projected release date at this time. A demo is available now through, though.

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