Your Fave Neptunia Girl Is Now On Your Android Phone


Love Neptunia’s parody cast of consoles personified as Goddesses fighting it out? Have an Android phone? You’re in luck. In Japan, there’s a widespread deal called kisekae, which is essentially a reskin of your entire interface, wallpapers and so forth into a unified theme. It’s very cool, and has featured everything from Dragon’s Quest to Peanuts.


Compile Heart have just released the latest set of Android themes for the series for Android phones (Sorry Apple fans, you’re outta luck) that essentially carries on the tradition. A pack will run 525 yen (About $5) a pop.


unnamed rom

The two latest ones let buyers access either the Leanbox (aka Xbox) or Lowee (aka the Wii) theme sets, which each come with three of the series’ characters. Leanbox’s comes with Hakozaki Chika, Green Heart (Vert’s transformed form) and Vert. Lowee’s comes with sisters Rom and Ram, Blanc and Nishizawa Mina.


If you decide to plonk the cash down for a theme, it’ll change your background wallpaper, lock screen, app screen, indicator, home icon and search bar.


There’s also the Lastation (PlayStation), Planeptune (Sega’s doomed Neptune system) theme packs and a Free pack (Which only changes your lock screen and wallpaper, but it’s free!)