Fear Awaits After School In PC Remake Of Korean Horror Game White Day



A PC version of White Day: a labyrinth named school, the remake of the 2001 Korean horror game White Day, has appeared on Steam Greenlight.




White Day : a labyrinth named school, previously announced for Playstation VR and already available for iOS and Android, has players controlling Hui-min, a student who finds himself locked inside of his school at night with some other students. It’s far from a normal place, as possessed janitors, ghosts, and other deadly beings stalk the halls in the dark.




Players will need to flee any danger they come across. Players will have to worry about more than just their life, though, as there are other students in the building to worry about as well. Through the decisions you make, you’ll decide which of the seven endings you get across the game’s ten hour play time.




The PC version of White Day : a labyrinth named school is expected to release early this year.

Alistair Wong
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