Fearless Fantasy Is A Most Absurd RPG Parody


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A cursory glance might make it seem so, but parody RPG Fearless Fantasy is certainly not Final Fantasy.



What it is though is a comedic mash-up of various familiar RPG tropes and characters set in a really odd world. The kind of world where foes are gigantic flying demon eggs striped psychedelic purple.


You’re Leon, the “world’s most dangerous” bounty hunter, whose only real goal is to save a girl from an awful marriage.



The battle system, while a familiar turn-based one, additionally uses mouse controls to score critical hits and complete moves for more damage and a more active combat system.



Jokes are liberally scattered but have a certain sort of sense, such as one special skill called Troll. Trolling foes of course focuses their attention on you…


Fearless Fantasy is out now on PC.