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Feeding Has Consequences For The Story & Gameplay Of Vampyr



Life is Strange developer Dontnod Entertainment have released a new cinematic trailer for their upcoming action RPG, Vampyr, for E3. It also comes with new details on how giving into bloodlust will affect the story and gameplay.




The trailer shows some of the conflicts and difficulties that are facing the city of London in 1918. They also show the ones that plague doctor Jonathan Reid, a vampire who’s finds his desire to save lives in constant conflict with his blood thirst.




The trailer also comes with further explanations of how this moral conflict will affect gameplay. Reid will receive huge boost in experience should he feed on innocent people – far more than he would gain from combat. Even so, all NPCs in the world have some importance, and killing one of them will have unexpected effects for the quarter they live in. While Reid can gain much from feeding, it will have drastic effects on the player’s life afterwards.




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