The Feel Of Adventure Is Alive And Well In This Dragon Quest X Expansion



Exploring lost continents and plundering its depths for loot is usually cause for one to have a video full of fighting and quick-cut action montages—the better to get us excited about whatever new expansion is coming out for an online RPG.


Square-Enix, however, have chosen to go with the subtle burn, instead giving us the above teaser video for their upcoming Dragon Quest X expansion. It’s the huge party of initial adventurers (including you!) who are setting off for the lost island of Rendashia in Dragon Quest X: The Slumbering Hero and Sworn Guiding Ally.


It’s a joyful, simple video full of the themes and music Dragon Quest players love, and also gives us snapshot cuts of NPCs we’ll interact with such as Mishua and Crows. I feel excited just watching this video, and it doesn’t even show any actual gameplay.It’s just a damn boat!


(It might be that happy adventuring tune that I love listening to as the ship sets sail. It’s effective at making my fingers itch to begin playing the game.)


Dragon Quest X: The Slumbering Hero and Sworn Guiding Ally will be out December 5th for PC, Wii U and Xbox 360. Note that we’re not sure if it will make it in time for the iOS version of the game.