A Feline Detective Has Only 12 Hours To Get His (Cat)Man



Nathan Chrono, a cat detective, has a reputation for solving his cases within twelve hours. This means that players of Catsbridge Stories will have to watch the clock, as every action they take will eat up the precious time they need to find the criminal.




Nathan can sense clues as he explores the game’s isometric environments, playing a sort of Hot & Cold with the player to find information. Players can hunt down more clues with interrogations, and in these sequences, true information will be highlighted in green, and doubtful information will be highlighted in red. It will be up to the player to find clues and other ways of disproving the red text.




Facts and information do not make sense on their own. Nathan must enter mind mode to put all of his information in order to get the full story. However, he cat get stressed during this sequence, which makes facts move erratically and hard to put in order. Players can manage this stress with rest or cheesecake.




All of these actions consume chunks of time from the in-game clock. The player must carefully manage travel, clue search times, and time spent in interrogations, ensuring they find all the information they need to complete the case before the clock makes a full circle.




Catsbridge Stories will release episodically, with the first episodes expected to release on iOS, Andoird, and PC in August or September. It is currently gauging crowdfunding interest on the Square Enix Collective.

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