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Fenix Furia’s Tough, Twitchy Platforming Heads To PS4, Xbox One This Winter


The action-platformer known as Fenix Rage on PC will be called Fenix Furia when it comes to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this winter (the original name was legally blocked). But that is only one of the differences.


The others include: retuned game levels, an Easy Mode, a new playable character, and a split-screen mode for two players.


Other than that, it’ll be the same game as was released on PC back in 2014. So, yes, you’ll be playing as the enraged titular creature as he chases down his mysterious enemy Oktarus, both of them being the only survivors after Fenix’s village was blown up.


Fenix Furia has nine worlds (over 200 levels) to beat filled with bosses and hundreds of minions. As to how it plays, well, we’re looking at something close to Super Meat Boy-level difficulty in which you jump and dash in mid-air through levels that’ll kill you a lot. Luckily, it does also have insta-respawn.

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