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FFVII Remake Director Explains the Yuffie Moogle Hood Appearance in INTERmission

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In many of the Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade promotional images for the FF7R INTERmission DLC, Yuffie Kisaragi is the main focus. And in many screenshots and videos, we see Yuffie in a moogle hood. In a new interview from Square Enix with Co-Director Motomu Toriyama, he talked about it. Namely, he explained why Square Enix gave her that accessory and why she wears it.

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For those who didn’t play the PS2 game Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII, Yuffie wears that same moogle hood when she encounters Vincent in Nibelheim. (As a reminder, Weiss the Immaculate from that same spin-off appears in INTERmission.) The idea is she wears it to be more subtle when undercover.

Here’s Toriyama’s full explanation:

Actually, the moogle hood draws its reference from the time it was used in Dirge of Cerberus –Final Fantasy VII- and Yuffie wears it whenever she is on a covert mission.

She might think she’s perfectly disguised, but it actually makes her stand out even more in a metropolis like Midgar.

I feel that’s just very “her,” and probably why I like it so much!

Co-Director Naoki Hamaguchi also participated in the interview. In it, he noted, “Our goal was to present players with a story that leads up to Yuffie’s later encounter with Cloud and his group. In addition, the new episode was an opportunity to dig deeper into the lore of Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available for the PS4 and FFVII Remake Intergrade will come to the PS5 on June 10, 2021. FF7R EPISODE INTERmission will be available for the PS5 on its own that day for $19.99.

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