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FFVII Remake Scarlet Art Shared for Lipstick Day

FFVII Remake Scarlet

July 29, 2022 was National Lipstick Day in the United States, but that didn’t didn’t stop Square Enix from sharing some trivia on the official Final Fantasy VII Remake account. The topic of the day was Shinra executive and known wearer of lipstick, Scarlet.

The official account shared some concept art of Scarlet from FFVII Remake. As head of Shinra’s Weapons Development division, Scarlet was in FFVII Remake in a minor role. She took center stage, though, when the Intergrade update rolled around. She was the main antagonist of the Yuffie-centered “Episode INTERmission” storyline. She used her resources to confront Yuffie and Sonon, and their clashes expanded players’ perspective on the conflict between Shinra and Wutai.

Check out the art pieces in the gallery below.

The FFVII Remake Scarlet Lipstick Day post included concept art of the character and an in-game capture. It also showed off concepts for the Crimson Mare, Scarlet’s personal battle armor. According to the tweet, the Crimson Mare’s cockpit is custom-decorated, and includes special holders for Scarlet’s lipstick and cosmetics. These weren’t seen in-game, though.

The Crimson Mare forms the core of a boss fight with Scarlet in FFVII Remake Episode INTERmission. In the original Final Fantasy VII release, Scarlet only saw combat late in the game. She and fellow Shinra executive Heidegger pilot the Proud Clod, a Shinra battle robot, to fight the party.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is available on PS5 and PC. The base Remake game is available on PS4.

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