FFVII The First Soldier Crisis Core Polygonal Skins Appear, Events Begin

FFVII The First Soldier Crisis Core Polygonal Skins Appear, Events Begin

More of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is now present in FFVII The First Soldier. A special event kicked off as part of the 25th anniversary celebration. People can experience special gameplay elements during matches connected to the series. There are also new polygonal character skins based on Zack, Angeal, Genesis, and Aerith. All events started on June 17, 2022.

First, the new Crisis Core FFVII skins in FFVII The First Soldier are available via two ways. The one of Aerith in her white dress from the game can be earned. If you fight the event monsters, like Red Scorpion or a Cactaur, you can earn data items to get that skin and other Crisis Core Collab Collection items like polygonal Chocobos. There will also be Premium Shinra Packs with the Zack (FF7), FF7-Style Angeal (CC FF7), and FF7-Style Genesis (CC FF7) skins. Those will appear alongside the HP Shout dagger skin, Hyperion Chocobo skin, Premium Heart H2H skin, and Ultima Weapon sword skin.

As far as gameplay goes, there will be two things that call back to Crisis Core FFVII. First, the Digital Mind Wave roulette system will appear. Playing can make them appear, which can earn you buffs if certain characters appear and line up. A Zack Mimic element can also come up. As you fight, you can come across his Buster Sword and temporarily transform into him. Both features only will be available during standard matches during the event.

Here’s a trailer showing off the additions.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is available on mobile devices, and the Crisis Core FFVII events are running until July 7, 2022. Back in March 2022, standard Crisis Core-inspired skins appeared in-game.

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