FFVII The First Soldier Release Date Revealed

FFVII The First Soldier Release Date Revealed

Square Enix shared the FFVII The First Soldier release date, and it isn’t far away. On November 17, 2021, people will be able to hop into the game. The Final Fantasy battle royale will be available on Android and Apple iOS devices. In addition, to help generate hype, the game’s opening movie appeared.

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Here’s the FFVII The First Soldier opening movie. It essentially sets up the timeline. Then, it sort of explains why SOLDIER candidates exist while doing so. Things begin with a brief peek at Cloud and the events in “2007.” Then, it flashes back to 1977, when things really began with Project 0. We see what happened with research into Jenova over the years. From there, we get to the “present” time of 1989. Shinra soldiers are facing monsters and appear overpowered, but still manage to survive. Then, we see them fighting in controlled conditions. Things close out with the FFVII The First Soldier release date.

In addition, people hit another pre-registration reward tier. This means everyone gets a Shinra bike skin.

The FFVII The First Soldier Android and Apple iOS release date is November 17, 2021. Pre-registration is open. People can also submit applications for the Ambassador Program until November 11, 2021.

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