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FFXIV Endwalker ‘In the Balance’ Song Lyrics Shared

FFXIV Endwalker In the Balance Song Lyrics Shared

The FFXIV Endwalker EP with songs from the Myths of the Realm raid is here, and so are “In the Balance” song lyrics. The track plays during one of the rather important fights during the raid. To celebrate the five track soundtrack’s debut, the Developer’s Blog offered all the words to it.

Editor’s Note: There will be FFXIV Endwalker Myths of the Realm spoilers connected to the song below.

In FFXIV, the song “In the Balance” plays when someone is fighting Nald’thal during Aglaia. The lyrics refer to the fact that someone is fighting both Nald and Thal.

Here are the full lyrics for the FFXIV Endwalker song.

O twin gods bless this land, to us treasure bestow
City of desert sands, water and gold below

Lifeblood and rubies red, precious coins cast aglow
Four hands our fortunes mend, that want we may not know

And when we reach our ends, to scales we gladly go
Our fates are yours to bend, to hells and heavens flow

Under arid sky, with silk veils we weave a rainbow
Voices lifted high, dreams upon our backs we carry

When day beckons night (day and night dancing),
As does restless time we never slow

Trusting hand in hand, life death will follow
Stoke now nascent flame, brighter burn, dance with souls afire
May ember catch and red-gold spark rise to new heights
May we want for naught coin can buy
Never see wealth’s river run dry
May we find fortune after life
For this we pray, we pray, we pray, we pray twinfold

Stoke now kindled flame, hotter burn, sing till breath expires
May those who wander paths in the dark find firelight
May we all as true equals die
Never fear unjust favor’s bite
May we be judged by what is right
For this we pray, we pray, we pray, we pray twinfold

The new EP also includes the songs “Hippo Ridin’,” “The Map Unfolds,” “Pilgrimage,” and “Radiance.”

Final Fantasy XIV and its Endwalker expansion are available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. The FFXIV Endwalker EP is available for $4.95 and includes the song “In the Balance.”

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