FFXIV Fat Cat Plush Tissue Box Cover and Great Serpent of Ronka Pen Case Appear

ffxiv fat cat plush tissue box cover

The Square Enix Online Store added pre-orders for two new Final Fantasy XIV items. People can now call dibs on two sorts of practical plushes. The first is a FFXIV Fat Cat Plush tissue box cover. The other is a Great Serpent of Ronka plush pen case. The latter might look familiar, as orders for it already appeared in Japan. Both will launch in May 2021.

The FFXIV Fat Cat plush tissue box holder is designed to fit a standard 9.1” wide, 2.2” tall, and 4.5” long box. The hole in its back allows the tissues to peek through. It will cost $34.99.

Here are two pictures showing it off.

As for the Great Serpent of Ronka pen case, it is almost 9” long and is about 3” wide. Unlike the Japanese one, it doesn’t come with a matching pen. It will cost $29.99. For frame of reference, the Japanese version cost ¥2,800.

Here’s how the Great Serpent of Ronka looks from different angles.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PlayStation 4 and PC, with the PS5 open beta beginning on April 13, 2021. Both this Fat Cat plush tissue box cover and Great Serpent of Ronka plush pen case will appear in May 2021. 

Jenni Lada
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