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Best Ways to Level Sage and Reaper to Level 80 in FFXIV

Best Ways to Level Sage and Reaper to Level 80 in FFXIV

With Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker now available, all players who have purchased the expansion have access to the new Sage and Reaper Job Classes. However, both Sage and Reaper start at level 70, which means that players will not be immediately able to take them into the Endwalker Main Scenario Quests or subsequent dungeons. At least, not without leveling them up. If you are looking to take Sage and Reaper through the FFXIV Endwalker Main Scenario Quests, you can check out several ways to level the job up quickly.

Since Reaper and Sage fill the slot of a DPS and Healer, queues for both roles in any daily roulette is understandably very high. Thankfully, FFXIV has several ways players can level up jobs without having to wait in any queues. As long as Reaper or Sage are level 71, players can head to the Bozjan Southern Front. This area specifically does not require a player to slot in as any specific role or job and allows for players to freely grind Skirmishes and Critical Engagements within their individual instance.

duty finder how to level reaper sage level 80 FFXIV

However in order to gain access to the Bozjan Southern Front, players must have completed the FFXIV Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests “Vows of Virtue” and “Deeds of Cruelty” and the “Return to Ivalice” raid content. Once you have completed this Main Scenario Quest and run the “Return to Ivalice” raids (which can be unlocked in Kugane), you can head to Rhalgr’s Reach and speak to Cid at X:11.8, Y:11.8 to accept the quest “The Bozja Incident.”

Following this questline will lead you to the quest “The Bozjan Southern Front,” which will will allow access to the area. Progressing the storyline in The Bozjan Southern Front will unlock access to Zadnor. This area will grant you more experience than The Bozjan Southern Front. If you teleport out of Gangos, keep in mind that you can always head to The Doman Enclave and use the main Aetheryte there to return to the area and head back to the Bozjan Southern Front or Zadnor.

Players can also access Palace of the Dead to level up a Sage or Reaper in FFXIV. This content is immediately available to access upon reaching level 17 with any Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic class. You can speak to Nojiro Marujiro in New Gridania at X:12.0, Y:13.1 in order to accept the quest “The House that Death Built.” This grants access to Palace of the Dead. Additionally, Heaven on High is another avenue players can use to level a Sage or Reaper.

Similar to Palace of the Dead, Heaven on High allows for players to enter regardless of their Job Class, which means potentially mitigating any queues. Heaven on High can be unlocked by speaking to Hamakaze who can be found at The Ruby Sea at X:6.2, Y:11.7. However, in order to unlock Heaven on High you must have completed Floor 50 of Palace of the Dead, have a Disciple of Magic or War Job Class to level 61, and completed the quest “Tide Goes in, Imperials Go Out.”

duty finder how to level reaper sage level 80 final fantasy xiv FFXIV

Lastly, there is most straightforward FFXIV Reaper or Sage leveling option that requires the least amount of effort, but potentially the longest wait times. Players can queue every day through the Duty Finder. From there, players can select any available duties through the Duty Roulette tab to queue for an instance to receive a surplus of experience, gil, and tomestones. However, the extra experience (and rewards) afforded through the Duty Roulettes are only available to obtain once per day. The Main Scenario Duty Roulette offers the most experience by far, but can sometimes be the longest of the options. However, keep in mind that queues for Healers and DPS may be longer than usual due to the release of the Reaper and Sage. And if you get tired of waiting, Bozja, Palace of the Dead, and Heaven on High are always options.

Final Fantasy XIV is immediately available for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. You can learn more about the Reaper and Sage at Icy Veins.

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