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FFXIV Glowing Mouse and Mouse Pad Sets Will Be Crane Game Prizes

Final Fantasy XIV Glowing Mouse Mouse Pads

Taito will release a series of FFXIV glowing mouse and mouse pad sets as crane game prizes. A total of three different computer mice and mouse pads will be available to obtain, each with its own unique theme. The FFXIV glowing mouse and mouse pad sets will appear at select Taito locations in late May 2022.

There will be both a standard version and a limited version. The standard version will come with two computer mice and two mouse pads. The themes will include the Dragoon Job Class and the Garlean Empire. The limited version will come with the aforementioned two mice and mouse pads, as well as an additional set inspired by The Crystarium.

The mice will feature unique glowing segments which include the symbol on the Dragoon Job Class Crystal, the symbol of the Garlean Empire, and a stylized image of The Crystarium. The mouse pads that will come with the mice feature pieces of key art used for promotional purposes or for Final Fantasy XIV patch updates.

You can take a look at the items below.

Other pieces of Final Fantasy XIV merchandise that have been released through Taito include Job Class plushes. These plushes featured armor inspired by Artifact sets players could obtain in game.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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