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FFXIV Housing Lottery Issues Found, People Can Safely Buy Plots

FFXIV Housing Lottery Issues Found, People Can Safely Buy Plots

Over the weekend, Square Enix addressed the FFXIV housing lottery issue that kept some folks from getting new plots due to errors. Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed he’s involved working on a solution and explained what was going on. Now the latest updates explained why things happened how they did, confirmed people who didn’t get an error can safely buy plots, and noted folks who are experiencing issues won’t need to re-enter a lottery.

First, Square Enix urged people who did win a FFXIV housing lottery plot to buy it. This is to ensure they get their house, for one. If you don’t claim it when the lottery’s second phase ends, you don’t get the land. Second, it said it should be done because any fix the team sends out won’t undo the results. The company promised “no adverse effect from the lottery data restoration.”

Yoshida then explained exactly what went wrong and the team’s plan. He blamed processing and server-side issues for the FFXIV housing lottery plot bugs. In situations where the winner was “0,” Yoshida explained what happened.

After investigating this issue, we discovered that, while the server responsible for conducting the lottery is functioning as intended, the results are not being properly relayed to the servers responsible for managing housing-related data.

Once this issue has been resolved, and lottery results can be relayed to the housing data servers without issue, it will be possible to confirm the lottery winners. Furthermore, players who registered for the lottery at the affected plots will not be required to register a second time. We ask for your patience as we work to recover data containing the results for these plots.

The means by which gil may be collected from those who have already received a gil refund prior to learning that they have won the lottery is under consideration. Details of this process will be announced at a later date.

Yoshida also explained the next course of action. The team is currently using development servers to reproduce the FFXIV housing lottery plot problem. Then, it will create a fix and make sure it works. After verifying, it will restore the data, conduct maintenance, and hopefully get people who won the plots experiencing errors their new homes.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PS4, PS5, and PC. Square Enix didn’t announce when the next housing lottery will start. This first one’s end was postponed due to the ongoing issue. However, the company did recently shared the list of all items added in patch 6.1.

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