FFXIV SoundSlayer WIGSS Speaker System Will Appear in February

FFXIV SoundSlayer WIGGS Will Appear in February (1)

It is CES 2022 week, and Square Enix and Panasonic announced a new variant of the SoundSlayer Wearable Immersive Gaming Speaker System (WIGSS). This is a wired speaker that fits around a person’s neck. The new model will feature the game’s designs and sounds. It will be available in February 2022, though the product page is live now.

Here’s a closer look at how the speakers will look. Controls appear along the sides of the unit. Square Enix noted there will be unique sounds from the game used with it, but there is no video showing that element off.

The Panasonic SoundSlayer line of wearable speakers are designed to fit around a person’s neck. The non-branded model costs $200. In addition to the speakers, they have a built-in mic. The previously released version would connect to PCs and consoles via audio and USB cables. Like the past model, this FFXIV-branded one will have 4-channel surround speakers.

Both this SoundSlayer WIGSS model and the SC-GN01 variant had FFXIV sound team input. It has FPS, role-playing, and voice modes designed to offer default settings for different sorts of games.

The standard SoundSlayer WIGSS is immediately available. The FFXIV variant of the SoundSlayer will appear in February 2022. Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PS4, PS5, and PC.

Jenni Lada
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