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FFXIV Square Enix Cafe Will Offer Food Inspired by Endwalker

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Squar Enix Cafe

Square Enix announced a FFXIV event will appear at the Square Enix Cafe Tokyo location. It will begin on January 29, 2022 and last until March 25, 2022. During that time, consumers can sample a menu inspired by FFXIV Endwalker food. In addition, there will be opportunities to obtain placemats featuring CGI promotional artwork used for the Endwalker expansion. Customers can also obtain limited edition coasters.

The collaboration will be split into two periods. During each period, people can obtain a certain selection of placemats and coasters. Once the period changes, the types will change. For example, during the first collaboration period, customers will be able to obtain a Y’shtola placemat. During the second collaboration period, folks can obtain an Alphinaud placemat.

The collaboration periods are as follows:

  • First Collaboration Period: January 29 – February 25, 2022
  • Second Collaboration Period: February 26 – March 25, 2022

FFXIV Endwalker food items that will appear at the Square Enix cafe include a Moogle Soufflé cake, a meat bun shaped to look like the face of a Loporrit, and a “The Last Stand” caramel macchiato. People will also be able to sample drinks inspired by both Hydaelyn and Zodiark. The full list of food items is available to view through the official website.

Another collaboration is being held at the Square Enix Cafe Osaka location. Until January 16, 2022 consumers can sample from a menu of Starlight Celebration inspired food items.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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