FGO 17M Downloads Campaign Gives Out Free SSR Servants

FGO 17M Downloads

Time to claim a powerful ally. Aniplex and Lasengle are distributing free 5-Star SSR Servants to all players in Fate/Grand Order as part of the FGO 17M Downloads Campaign. Designed to celebrate a total of 17 million downloads of the English edition of Fate/Grand Order, the publisher is issuing players a special ticket that lets them take their pick of any high-rarity playable Servant from a pool of 25 characters.

Starting at 9 p.m. PT on April 14, 2022, a 17M Downloads Celebration Ticket will go to any FGO player that has completed Section 1 of the First Singularity chapter (Orleans). From there, they can redeem it for any available Servant on offer. This includes copies of ones they already own. Grabbing a duplicate Servant is a valid strategy, as they can be consumed to enhance the Noble Phantasm of the player’s existing character. The Selection of Servants is fairly wide, and includes several relatively recent additions to the roster, like Anastasia, Europa, Xiang Yu, and Ganesha.

There is, however, a catch to the promo. The FGO 17M Downloads Celebration Ticket entitles a player to their preferred Servant temporarily at first. To keep their SSR Servant permanently, they’ll have to accomplish some objectives by June 15, 2022. That’s plenty of time, though, as the objectives are simple and twofold. Players first need to “Ascend” their Servant at least once, and then reach a Bond Level of 5 with the Servant.

Ascension is the process of leveling up a Servant to its initial maximum level (Lv. 50 for 5-Star Servants), then consume some materials to raise the Servant’s level cap. Even for a 5-Star Servant, this is a fairly low cost to pay for all but the newest players. As for Bond Level, Servants gain Bond Points as they participate in quests, and level up as they go. Bond Level 5 can be obtained over the course of a few days of daily questing or several main story quests. Upon meeting these conditions, the Servant is unlocked permanently. Players that already own a copy of the Servant they choose from the ticket will automatically complete the objectives, provided their existing Servant is already Ascended and at Bond Level 5 or higher.

Besides the free SSR Servant, the FGO 17M Downloads campaign also other giveaways planned. A social media campaign promises 30 Saint Quartz to all masters once its milestone is reached. A 7-day login bonus campaign will also give out Summon tickets and Servant enhancement materials.

Fate/Grand Order is available on Android and iOS. The FGO 17M Downloads Campaign  lasts until April 21, 2022.  Players that claim a free SSR character will have until June 15, 2022 to permanently unlock them. The anime adaptation of its Solomon chapter goes on sale in July 2022.

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