FGO Announces Changes to Battle System at 7th Anniversary

fgo 7th anniversary

During the July 31, 2022 live-stream to commemorate the 7th anniversary of FGO, Lasengle revealed some upcoming updates to the Japanese version of the game. These updates include new missions, a change to the battle system, an update to the animations, and a free 5-star Craft Essence. For the Craft Essence, you can able to choose one from seven. Kaleidoscope will be one of the choices. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

One of the major changes to the battle system is a buff to the Quick cards. Choosing a Quick card first in a Chain will buff every card’s Critical Star generation, as opposed to the first one. Quick Chains also now give 20 Critical Stars. For reference, Quick Chains used to grant 10 critical stars. As well, if you form a Chain with a card from each type, it will cause a Mighty Chain. If you form a Quick, Buster, and Arts Chain with the same Servant, it will cause a Mighty Brave Chain. These Chains increase the performance of your cards.

A final change to the battle system is that you will be able to use a support Servant’s Noble Phantasm even if you are not friends with that person. This makes it easier for newer players that might have an unappealing Servant lineup to take advantage of fellow players’ Servants to get through difficult content. Additionally, maxing out ascensions for your Servants will grant you Crystallized Lore. Crystallized Lore is required to upgrade Servants’ skills to the highest level, and is usually only available as a reward from events and challenge quests.

During the FGO 7th Anniversary stream, Lasengle also teased the new swimsuit Servants for 2022. The SSR will be Lady Avalon, or Proto Merlin. Gareth will also appear as an SR Servant. It is unclear what classes Lady Avalon and Gareth will be in their swimsuit versions. As for the male Servants, you will be able to unlock swimsuit outfits for Asclepius, Yan Qing, and Ashiya Doman. Archetype Earth (Arcueid) and Xu Fu will also be the 7th Anniversary commemoration Servants.

Fate/Grand Order is available worldwide on mobile devices. The English version of the game is running the Servant Summer Camp event, which will end on August 1, 2022.

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