FGO Mississippi Mythicizers Event Features Riyo Servants

fgo mississippi mythicizers event header

The newest event in the Japanese version of FGO is the Mississippi Mythicizers event. This will be a crossover event with Learning With Manga! Fate/Grand Order. It will feature three new Servants, which include an SSR version of Paul Bunyan. She will appear in the gacha as a 5-star Alter Ego.

The Mississippi Mythicizers event will take place in a Singularity from the early 21st century, around the Mississippi River. When Chaldea goes to investigate, they see a treasure ship from ancient Japan, dinosaurs, and a lot of strange new companions. Aside from the SSR Paul Bunyan, this event will introduce new Servants Mary Anning and Daikokuten. Riyo illustrated all three Servants.

Mary Anning will appear as a 1-star Lancer. In history, Anning was an English fossil collector, dealer, and paleontologist. She became famous for all the dinosaurs she discovered during her lifetime. Similar to Izo and Nobukatsu, Mary will be in the friend gacha only during the event. Daikokuten, on the other hand, is a Japanese deity of fortune and wealth. You can see the Noble Phantasm animations for Anning and Daikokuten, as well as Paul Bunyan, here:

FGO is available on iOS and Android devices, and the Mississippi Mythicizers will only be available on the Japanese server. It will run from April 27 until May 18, 2022. Those who have not yet finished getting all their rewards from the Sea Monster Crisis event will still have time to do so.

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