Fictorum’s Spells Devastate Its Destructible Buildings



Fictorum, a first or third-person action RPG with customizable spells, features destructible structures, letting players tear whole cities apart in their quest for vengeance.




The Fictorum are an order of magicians who had been hunted down by other spellcasters due to their powerful magical abilities. In retaliation, one member of the order caused a disaster that unleashed a deadly mist on the world, which has caused the remaining members to be hunted down. The player takes on the last of their order, a man twisted by the mist and wracked with a need for revenge against the Inquisition that killed his friends and colleagues.




In Factorum, players can customize aspects of their spells on the fly, changing a fireball spell to create cluster bombs, huge artillery strikes, or other useful effects. This is done by applying properties in a menu, which shapes how the spell will function, but this menu doesn’t pause combat.




Players can find new runes to use on each spell, equipping them to change the potential effects they can create during combat. They can also find other equipment and items to put on their character.




Fictorum’s procedurally-generated world is broken down into nodes, each of which lead to different areas. Each area has a set goal, whether that be to beat enemies or destroy structures, as well as obtainable equipment for your magician.




A Kickstarter for Fictorum will begin on June 21.

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