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Fight Crab Update Makes Crabs as Shiny as Tamatoa

fight crab update small

A new Fight Crab update is available for the Nintendo Switch, and things are getting shiny. There are no more drab little crabs here. No, once you apply 1.2.0, you’ll get Copper, Gold, and Silver skins for all crabs. However, you have to earn them first.

The update is free, as you might expect. After you get through the campaign, the three new, metallic options will all be available. (If you already beat it ahead of the patch, you should be all set.) Each one has a sheen to it, which the update image doesn’t properly showcase. Each one will make your crab shiny, like a treasure from a sunken pirate wreck.

fight crab update

There’s also a new Fight Crab trailer. The video doesn’t showcase the new cosmetic options, through. Rather, it’s a live-action trailer inspired by B-movies that shows the gigantic alien crabs invading our cities and our native ones rising up to defend their home in “crab-mageddon.” (There’s a pretty good Independence Day reference there as well.)

Fight Crab is available for the Nintendo Switch and PC. The new Fight Crab update with extra color schemes is available for the Switch now. Previously, the game offered a collaboration with DEEEER Simulator that brought Deer into the fight.

Jenni Lada
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