Fight, Explore, And Create Your Own Myths With Friends in Action-RPG Moon Hunters



Moon Hunters is an action-RPG set in an ancient world that allows for up to four players playing co-operatively. Developer Kitfox Games has just taken it to Kickstarter in hopes of raising $45,000 in funds to create the game for Windows and Mac. It’s also among the first games to be promoted by the Square Enix program.


Whether you’re playing by yourself or with others, Moon Hunters will have you travelling on a mystical journey to solve ancient mysteries and build your own mythologies. You play as one of the chosen children of the Moon, which is the source of all magic and spiritual power, and set off to discover why the Moon did not rise one evening and to restore balance to the world.



Interestingly, the game’s pixel-world is procedurally generated, so it will vary each time you play, though you will always come across deserts, mountains, and forests. Likewise, the actions you commit to in Moon Hunters determine the direction that the non-linear story takes and how you’ll be remembered in the game’s world.


“We empower players to experiment with their personality through the reputation and tribe-management, while combat challenges punctuate the journey as chances to prove their skill,” Kitfox Games said. The studio also said that its game could be considered as “Legend of Zelda meets Castle Crashers”, or maybe “King of Dragon Pass meets Gauntlet”.


Combat varies depending on how you build your character, but there’s room for being a powerful Occultist using Shadow Magic, a shapeshifting Druid of the Wolf Clan, or a graceful Spellblade with a magnificent bronze sword. Of course, it helps if you can work together with the rest of your team to bring down the bigger enemies you encounter.



At all times while playing Moon Hunters you’ll want to be on the lookout for the hundreds of unique landmarks and new territories as they may contain Myths. These are essential to growing your character and shaping the world and its culture. You’ll unlock new elemental powers, personality traits, creatures, and items as you progress.


If successfully funded, Moon Hunters should be coming to Windows and Mac in the summer of 2015, with a possible Steam Early Access release near the end of 2014. You can secure yourself a copy of the game for $15 on the game’s Kickstarter.

Chris Priestman