Fight Monsters Or Face Being Expelled From Witch School


Mystik Belle is new action-adventure game about the hardships of being a freshman witch. It’s out now on Steam and should be coming to Desura on June 24th.


You play as Belle MacFae who is in the first year at Hagmore School of Magic. Belle’s finding it rough as the teachers are mean to her, she doesn’t have many friends, and her grades are pretty poor too. To make matters worse, one night while practising her fire magic she managed to upset an ancient ritual.


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As her punishment, Belle is told that she has to recreate the Walpurgisnacht Brew, something that’s considered almost impossible, or she’ll face being expelled from the school entirely. It doesn’t help that the curse she revitalized is also causing monsters to take over the huge school building.


From there on out, you need to explore the halls of the building, talking to the various other inhabitants for clues, and finding items in order to solve inventory puzzles. There are over 60 unique monsters to fight throughout, as well as eight bosses, for which you’ll need to learn new spells before you have a chance of beating. You also get to ride a broom at one point.


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Chris Priestman