Fight of Animals: Solo Edition Is a Mobile Version of the Meme Fighter

fight of animal solo edition fight of animal android ios

The meme-filled animal fighter is now available in a new way. Digital Craft’s Fight of Animals: Solo Edition takes the whole thing mobile. It essentially lets you have a Fight of Animals Android or iOS experience by only offering single-player activities.

Fight of Animals: Solo Edition is also a free-to-start game. The base version of it, with its Arcade Mode, Training Mode, and Fat Seal pushing minigame are free. However, you only have one character: Power Hook dog. If you want the rest of the cast, which includes Bad Dog, Crowrilla, Egg Dog, Magic Squirrel, Mighty Fox, Muscle Beluga, Slender Cat, Tricky Fox, and Walking Cat, you either have to pay $0.99 per fighter or $4.99 to unlock everyone.

Also, as mentioned, this is a single-player version of the game with its own UI and combo assistant. However, there are leaderboards for the minigame, with people able to place depending on how quickly they can send that seal out to sea.

Here’s a trailer for the Fight of Animals Android and iOS version of the game. It even showcases later additions to the cast, like Long Cat and Egg Dog.

Fight of Animals: Solo Edition is available for Android and Apple iOS devices via Google Play and the App Store.

Jenni Lada
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