Fight Paranoia And Monsters In Turn-Based RPG Darkest Dungeon, Out For PC


Don’t freak out, but Darkest Dungeon, the gothic turn-based RPG, has now launched for Windows and Mac on Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store.


Darkest Dungeon is different from other dungeon crawlers as it focuses on the psychological stresses that might accompany treacherous adventuring.


Your party will be afflicted with various fears that, if triggered, will inhibit their ability to fight back against enemies. They’ll also grow wearisome, paranoid, masochistic, or may even go completely mad.


You have to ensure that you try to tend to these various stresses by letting your adventurers rest and making decisions that will lessen the psychological blows. This might be lighting a torch in a dark cave or delivering an inspiring speech while camping out.


Darkest Dungeon will also be heading to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita later this spring.

Chris Priestman