Fight Pirates And Giant Sea Monsters In Shining Ark’s Naval Battles



Cruising the seas on the Blue Noah won’t always be smooth sailing in Sega’s upcoming PSP game, Shining Ark, as pirates won’t hesitate to shoot you down or even board your ship.




The Blue Noah wasn’t built for combat. Armed with only a small canon, you will fight hordes of pirates on your adventures out on the sea.




If pirates confront your crew, they’ll start by shooting you with their canons. You can return fire with the Blue Noah’s cannon.




Pirates will board the Blue Noah and directly attack your members in close-ranged combat. Players will be required to be swift at multitasking, as they look out for incoming pirates while shooting the main pirate ship.


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Some pirate ships have giant canons that could be used as a special attack to wipe out your tiny ship in one shot! Players will have to end the fight before the timer runs out.


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The giant sea monster known as Nephilim will be on his way to terrorize the port town of Azel. As you attempt to fight him off, he’ll tackle the Blue Noah in retaliation.


The naval battles will be very different from what players are used to on the ground. Players will be required to master the land and sea, in order to take on the world of Shining Ark. Shining Ark comes out on February 28, 2013.

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