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Fight Or Recruit Superpowered Street Gangs In Cyberpunk Action/Adventure Game Neon City Riders


Neon City Riders is a cyberpunk action/adventure game, one where players must explore a ruined cityscape and track down the four superpowered gang leaders who’ve forced the city’s people to fight in their gangs.


Neon City Riders lets players take their masked hero wherever they like in the city, following their own leads and desires in whatever direction they choose. While moving through the burnt-out buildings, players will find new powers and weapons, useful items, and making their way through bases that will test their reflexes with traps and their minds with puzzles. Even though the people have been forced into gangs, players will still have to beat them up in top-down melee combat.

Despite trying to break up the gangs, players can start their own by recruiting some of the people they help, or other fighters they meet in the city. These members will stick around the player’s own hideout, giving them new options, items, and other handy features that will make freeing the city that much easier.


Players will need whatever help they can get against the game’s superpowered gang leaders. From possessing psychic abilities, mutated strength, electrical powers, and mechanical endurance, players will want to have an array of allies and abilities to use against them.

Neon City Riders is raising funding on Kickstarter, and a demo is available through the campaign as well.

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