Fight Space Narwhals Across Neon Dreamlands In Starwhal: Just The Tip



You know what fighting games need? Space narwhals. Well, according to indie game studio Breakfall they did, as it has released Starwhal: Just The Tip for Windows and Mac.


This fighting game is all about 4-player local multiplayer, so it’s best to invite some friends round when playing it. That said, it does have AI opponents you can battle against in single player. Plus, there are 32 single player Obstacle and Target challenges that come with leaderboards, ghost replays, and achievements.


Otherwise, Starwhal will have you and friends flopping your big blubbery bodies around trying to pierce each other’s hearts with your front-facing tusk. You won’t be in the blue seas of Earth, though. Oh no, you’ll be fighting in simulated dreams across outer space like a scene out of a particularly wacky ‘80s sci-fi movie.


Just to up the oddity, there are over 90 unlockable costumes that you can outfit your narwhal in including, yes, a burrito outfit. The game also has 25 arenas for you to duke it out in and four different game modes to try out.


Fans of competitive couch gaming, neon colors, and space narwhals will probably want to be all over Starwhal: Just The Tip. You can purchase it for $14.99 on the Humble Store and Steam (although it’s currently discounted at $12.74). You can also try out the 48-hour prototype here.

Chris Priestman