Fight On Your Terms With These New Tree Of Savior Classes

The upcoming Ragnarok Online-like MMORPG Tree Of Savior has a boatload of classes. Here’s some more folks who choose to fight on their terms rather than foes.




A swordsman-type class who fights in a dual-grip style. These folks sacrifice defense for attack, and have both short and long-range attack skills that can cause foes to fly off and collide into one another for further damage. This makes them especially capable of holding the fort in narrow corridors where their windy, careening skills can prove that there can be needs be only one. *lightning and thunder sound effects*




Cleric-type classes, these folks will pray to the Gods for favor. They make different sorts of wooden statues which confer either boons or banes in combat such as cursing foes or buffing attack range, ensuring fights are fought with the most fortune on their side. They can also make a warp portal for players to use to teleport away. Long time MMORPG players will tell you that this is one of the most unbelievably useful skills to have after a long night.




Rangers are archers without peer. They’ll be able to use bow and arrow with classic effect, such as piercing through a row of enemies or creating more arrows that fly out from foes that have been defeated.




Oracles sound like a really intriguing class. Cleric-types, they have the ability to forsee the future. This works as a kind of telegraph of an enemy attack. You might have seen this as one of the big draw points for MMORPG Wildstar. They can also foretell what loot a monster will drop. As an aid to players who want to kill monsters without the hassle of all this “walking about” nonsense, they can also summon a random monster on the map to them. Don’t like the big beastie you just called? The Oracle can also polymorph it to better match you with a more level-appropriate past monster.


Tree of Savior is coming to PC.