Fight The Gigantic Beasts Of A Forgotten Mexican Culture In Mulaka, Now On Kickstarter



Mexican-based studio Lienzo is developing an action-adventure game based on the Tarahumara culture that inhabits a vast region called Sierra Tarahumara in the north of Mexico. It’s called Mulaka – Origin Tribes and is currently on Kickstarter where the team is seeking $77,000.


Primarily, it plays as an action game, with you controlling a Rarámuri warrior who can wield a variety of weapons including the Atlatl, the Club, and the Spear. You’ll take on enemies from Rarámuri legend, such as the Rusiwari,  a soul eating rock – the Ganoko a troll-like giant – and the Uribi, a hairy humanoid monster needs to hang from rocks.


There will also be puzzles to solve and more exploratory adventure-platformer elements. Helping you along will be spiritual powers, such as the Sukurúame vision, which lets you see metaphysical energies around the world. A stretch goal, if reached, would also add herbalism to the game so that you can combine magical plants for use in combat.



“We believe that Mulaka is a project with even a greater scope than that of just an action game,” said community managerAdolfo Aguirre. “This is a project with an aim for the preservation of an indigenous culture that still lives today.”


You can get a copy of Mulaka – Origin Tribes for $10 on the Kickstarter. The plan is release an early access version first with a view to have the game finished by the summer of 2016.

Chris Priestman