Game Arts made new monsters for Ragnarok Odyssey Ace like the Lord of Death. This undead commander reigns in Niflheimr, the city where souls rest. Armed with a large lance and great shield, the Lord of Death rides through Niflheimr on a giant horse. Look how big it is!


ragacess-05 ragacess-06 ragacess-07


Other enemies in Niflheimr include the kid demons called Deviruchi. Don’t let their cute appearance fool you, the Deviruchi are souls of criminals bound in something like a straitjacket.


ragacess-08 ragacess-09


Mini Demons are even stronger than the Deviruchi.


ragacess-10 ragacess-11


Soldier Skeleton are reanimated warriors with an insatiable craving for adventure.


ragacess-12 ragacess-13


Gagap are grotesque creatures that crawled out of the darkness.


ragacess-14 ragacess-15


Dark Giants are said to be ancestors of the Frost Giants. This tribe has been living in Niflheimr since the days of the Twilight Gods.


ragacess-16 ragacess-17


Being a commander of the Dark Giants, the Dark Giant Chief gets to wear a cool mask.


ragacess-18 ragacess-19


Here’s Niflheimr, one of the new areas in Ragnarok Odyssey Ace. GungHo Online Entertainment is developing this game for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.


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