Fight Through Monsters From Japanese Folklore In Beat ‘Em Up Princess Kaguya


So far, Zoo Corporation has only released Japanese card games onto Steam (oh, and a strange 2D platformer called Boneless Zombie). But that limitation is about to change as the studio has brought its first beat ‘em up to the platform.


Princess Kaguya: Legend of the Moon Warrior is loosely based on the ancient Japanese folktale called the Taketori Monogatari. It has you playing as the titular princess in her traditional Japanese garb, battling enemies using both a kendama stick and bow and arrows, on a mission to save her sister Sakuya.


What happened to Kaguya’s sister? She was lured into a sealed scroll that houses the Wicked God that once tried to wreck the Earth. So you have to follow her inside, dealing with the calamities and the Evil Spirits of Rivers and Mountains locked away inside.


To battle these creatures from Japanese folklore, you’ll need to switch weapons to effectively attack the various types, as well as make use of special moves to damage hordes of enemies at a time. There are also demonic bosses to take on.


You can purchase Princess Kaguya: Legend of the Moon Warrior on Steam.

Chris Priestman