Fight Your Way Through Elsword’s Halloween Dungeon To Get Spooky Rewards



If you’re an Elsword player you better be prepared to get spooked as KOG Games has launched the MMORPG’s annual Halloween event. It started on October 26th and lasts until October 31st.


This time around, the Halloween dungeon is called “Candy House in the Woods.” Here’s what’s inside as outlined by KOG:


  • Get in with a Candy Basket being Lv. 10 and up: Players can already get the Candy Basket dungeon ticket item via the NPC Ariel in the ongoing pre-Halloween event. Of course, you’ll also get a couple of these baskets daily for the next 2 weeks. Just play every day
  • A Challenge for the Sweet Tooth: Who says sweet can’t be scary? This Halloween dungeon is a combination of both sweet and scary; filled with treats but positively frightening. Once you’re in, watch out for in-game prompts, and get ready to face an incubus, a lot of gingerbread baddies, and the Witch that’s orchestrating this nightmare!
  • Gather Witch’s Rings for Halloween Costumes and more: By defeating the dungeon boss, you get to pick up this an awesome event item. They can be collected and exchanged via the NPC Ariel for various useful items, Halloween costume pieces, and even the new HellHound mount!


It’s also noted that an exclusive Elsword DLC event will be launching in the first week of November for players on Steam.

Chris Priestman